Put the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

What was life like when I was a child? Well, I think it was 1)...(good) than life now. It was 2) ... (good) time of my life. When I was 3) ... (young), people were 4) ... (happy) and 5) ... (polite) ... they are now. Also, things were 6) ... (cheap) and money lasted a lot 7) ... (long) ... nowadays. Some say that life is 8) ...(exciting) nowadays. It’s true that you can travel 9) ... (far) and 10) ... (fast) ... when I was a boy and there is a lot 11) ... (much) choice of entertainment. But, on the whole, I think life is much 12) ... (bad) now.

1. better
2. the best
3 . younger
5. more polite
8.more existing
9. farther
10. faster
11. more
12. worse

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